Monday, January 10, 2011

Red Hot Chile Chili Pepper Necklace from Polymer Clay

Red Pepper Necklace available at MelodyODesigns at Etsy 
This necklace pays tribute to the Arizona red chile pepper and my love of chili and Southwestern cuisine. All the components were hand crafted from PREMO polymer clay. The veins on the leaves were made by imprinting real leaves onto the clay and were highlighted by antiquing with acrylic paint. The shine on the peppers was achieved by applying several coats of water-based varnish (indoor use Varathane) to the cured PC. Each bead was hand made and was textured by carefully rolling the raw bead on very coarse sandpaper. To create the subtle variety of color that appear in nature the beads are made in three slightly different tints of green. 18 gauge green wire was used to craft the wirework. The ladybugs were made using PC and acrylic paint.

Red Chili pepper necklace shown being worn. Perfect for both dancing the Salsa and eating it!