Sunday, April 25, 2010

Faux Bakelite Cherries Jubilee Necklace #1

EDITED 1/9/15 My expanded  faux vintage Bakelite inspired Red Cherry Jewelry Collection that now includes both a Long and Short Stem Necklace version and various color chain options, 2 styles of earrings, bracelet and Cherry Bar Brooch is available for sale at MelodyODesigns at Etsy
Faux Bakelite Inspired Cherry Necklace made with  GREEN chain and......
tiny whimsical ladybugs (which can be omitted)
I love the way the dangling cherries move when the necklace is worn.
Today we are offering cherries in honor of George Washington and President’s Day which is fast approaching. My husband and I enjoy watching “Antiques Roadshow” on PBS where I was first introduced to vintage Bakelite jewelry, specifically the “Cherries Jubilee” series, a pricey collectible from circa 1940 with an asking price of $1000 for a mint condition necklace. I immediately fell in love with it and thought that the design could translate into an affordable poly clay version.  The cherries and leaves were made from PREMO poly clay, mega hand-sanded and hand-buffed. Six thin coats of Varathane varnish were then applied to both the cherries and leaves, each coat heat set.  The stems are made from green stereo wire. The delicate 1/2" plastic chain links are a modern reproduction of Bakelite-era chain. The ladybugs were made from PC and acrylic paint. 

This bracelet was made as a surprise gift for my “oh so talented” friend Jana who happens to like the “Cherries Jubilee” series of vintage Bakelite jewelry as much as I do. Photograph courtesy of Jana. The following link will take you to new UPDATE:
A post on a the birth of new cherry bracelet now available from my shops

EDITED: You might enjoy reading the following more recent  follow-up post on my mom's jewelry box and my cherry Bakelite-inspired jewelry reproductions:
"Dangling Red Cherry Bakelite Jewelry and Mom's Treasure Box"

UPDATE:........a Cherry Bar Brooch and an updated Cherry Bracelet have now joined my Faux Bakelite Cherry Necklace and Earring Collection in my shop:  MelodyODesigns at Etsy


  1. Wow!! Anita, that is gorgeous! What a lot of work, and you did it perfectly. Lovely!

  2. Melody, your necklace and bracelet are adorable. I love the lady bugs. You are so creative. I wished we lived closer together so we could clay together.
    Cute, Cute, Cute

  3. Adorable, especially those little ladybugs! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!Greetings!

  4. Hi Melobeau
    Wow what outstanding work. just too wonderful I love it.Id pay $1000 if I could, you deserve it
    I know what you mean by 1935 Circa as my sister had a similar necklace when she was about 15 I was younger. Hers was done in felt, but had Acorns I think in yellow, and Brown felt leaves. and was tied at the back, probably on a felt cord.I imagine yours would be more involved to do.
    It really must have been the thing of the day Think this was in the 40s (Showing Age here) LOL).
    But what a wonderful Idea you have taken it to. Just love it.
    Found your post on my blog. just wasnt looking in the right place. Thank you so much.
    Like B-LEE says Wish we were all in the same place so we could Clay together , and hear you play your lovely music too, that would be something.
    Ill be back

  5. P.S. Yes you are right about the Bakelite as the acorns I remember were yellow and shiny as if painted over with a shellac or something like that.
    We are so lucky having PC as we can duplicate almost anything in PC that you see out there, and what a wonderful article you have made of it.
    bye again
    E XXX

  6. How Yummy those cherries look! Very creative.

  7. As you are fond of saying, Anita: BRAVA! That's gorgeous.

  8. Your work is just beautiful! This is so sweet!