Monday, June 13, 2011

Pink Poppy Polymer Clay Necklace and the fabric that inspired it

Pink Poppy and Monarch Butterfly Necklace inspired by Poppy floral designed fabric

I love to re-construct new clothing from vintage fabrics. I purchased a vintage dress in a VERY large size that was made from a lovely Pink Poppy and floral design fabric and re-made the fabric into a new skirt. Then I set out to try to capture the essence (though not the actual color palette) of the fabric's stunning floral design in PREMO poly clay.  Some of the flowers were tinted before curing with Sennelier and Unison artist's pastels that I made into powder by grating with a knife and were applied with a paintbrush. The ladybugs were made with PC and acrylic paint. Click to read info about the  caned Monarch butterfly

The individual components were attached to a collar base made from hand-sewn macramé cording.
Pink Poppy Floral Fabric that inspired the necklace
Pink Shirley Poppy from my garden that served as inspiration for the poppy on the necklace.

Entire Pink Poppy Ensemble
For a post about another necklace that was inspired by a textile, this time a vintage embroidered skirt, please click. Some of my other butterfly jewelry is available for sale at my online shop MelodyODesigns at Etsy


  1. What beautiful fabric and an enchanting necklace! It really is a work of art!

  2. Your necklace is so beautiful and matches the skirt perfectly You are so talented and very clever re-purposing the skirt. Oh, and the ladybugs? They are adorable.

  3. This necklace is gorgeous Anita! You absolutely captured the essence of the fabric's stunning floral design and beautiful colors!! I love the little pansies, and that pink focal flower is so delicate and pretty! :) Always a pleasure to see your beautiful work.

  4. This is beautiful, wish it was mine, LOL. Smiles

  5. Oh WOW! I love the addition of the butterfly Anita! Lovely! Beautiful skirt, and your necklace is the perfect addition to the entire outfit!

  6. Anita, hope you get this comment. Yesterday it read "Annonymous". Thanks for the email.

  7. Lovely! And so custom! Fabric is such a great inspiration source. I find myself taking photos of men's ties in the store with my camera phone because I find them so beautiful. Not sure what I'll do with them yet, but I love the colors and the shapes of the paisley ones.