Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cat Angel Christmas Tree Ornaments from Polymer Clay and Animal Shelter Benefit

Red Angel Cat Christmas ornament

My husband, Sy Brandon, recently held a book reading and book signing to benefit our local humane society (more on that later on in the blog post.) At the book reading I set up my table beside Sy and sold pieces from my Cat Collection with the profits also benefiting the Humane Society. The day before the book reading I had the Christmas tree display already decorated and waiting to be transported when I realized  that the top of the tree really needed a special ornament...... something like an angel. That's the story of how the new Cat Angel ornaments came to be added to my Cat Collection.
Green Cat Angel Christmas tree ornament

Below is a photo of the Christmas tree displaying the Cat Ornaments just before the Humane Society sale began. Both Christmas Cats and Angel Cat are available for "adoption" in a variety of hanging ornament and jewelry versions along with cats of other colors at: MelodyODesigns at Etsy

Our family's Christmas tree decorated with holiday cat ornaments and a cat angel at the top.

My husband's book is called 'Life Is a Hammock'. It's an enjoyable tale of two cats that travel around the country on camping adventures with their adopted parents. It combines adventure and humor with photo cartoons to keep the reader smiling as they read. It is told through the voice of Stormy, a black cat with a small white patch on his chest and a deep Siamese voice who emigrated from Mexico to Tucson, Arizona to find his new home in the early 1970’s. All the profits from book sales benefit the Kreutz Creek Valley Library (PA) and the Adopt For Life Center for Animals in Cottonwood, Arizona.  

It makes for delightful light reading and is the perfect gift for any animal lover. A  Stormy's blog can be accessed at
The book can be purchased at my  online shop MelodyODesigns at Etsy. Sy has made the book available on consignment at cost to Humane Societies around the country to use as a fund raiser. For information on this program please click on:  Life is a Hammock  and read down the right side of the home page.
Life is a Hammock by Sy Brandon
Sy recently had a book reading/signing to benefit the Verde Valley Adopt For Life Center (aka the Verde Valley Humane Society) held at Hooked On Books.  Hooked On Books is a terrific used book store that includes a large selection of books for children and also houses an extensive and AMAZING collection of vintage jewelry dating from the late 1800's to the present, all of which is for sale.  The proprietor, Larry Wolfe, really supports the local author and artist community. Hooked On Books is located at 148 S. Main St. in Cottonwood, AZ. Stop by the next time you're on your way to Sedona, say hi and check out his cool and unique shop.


  1. That cat tree is adorable. What a wonderful idea. If anyone wants to know about Sy's book "Life in a Hammock", it's great. You don't even have to be a cat person to enjoy it. Cat's with wings, what a concept. They are awesome.

  2. Your cat tree is so sweet Anita! And your Cat's with Wings ornaments are wonderful and I love how they came to be!! Sy's book sounds great, thank you for telling us about it. I am definitely going to get it, I know I will enjoy reading it!

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  4. What adorable cats and the story sounds fantastic, I love stories about adventure and to be told from the perspective two traveling cats has got to be a very fun read. Will check it out once Artfire is done with their scheduled maintenance. Coming to you form the Artfire forums on visiting blogs and connecting links :)