Monday, February 20, 2012

Marriage of Polymer Clay and Wood, Douglas + Tammie Crawforth

In case you aren't already familiar with their work, I'd like "introduce" you to a couple who do amazing collaborative work, combining wood and polymer clay into wonderful bowls, bangle bracelets and necklace pendants. They are Douglas and Tammie K. Crawforth of Sandia Park, New Mexico.

Douglas is a full time artistic woodturner. His work has sold in Fine Art Galleries for 19 years. He's presently represented in the Del Mano Gallery (Calif.), Gallery M (Calif.), Bell's Handcrafts (Newnan, Georgia), The Albuquerque Museum Gallery (NM) and Tapestry Gallery (NM).

Tammie is the PC artisan member of the team. Her professional resume include sewing crafts, pencil portraits, painting florals on glass, metal and pottery/bisque ware. She says that each of those has elements that have helped her in her pursuits with polymer clay. Learning the Skinner Blend, for instance was a natural for her due to the way she would blend paints for the floral designs. She says, "I've dabbled in several mediums over the years, but now I'm obsessed with polymer clay!  Last May my daughter shoved a bag of PC at me and asked me to make a set of 'angry birds' for my grandsons 10th birthday. Having recently lost my sister and my dad, it was just the therapy I needed. I was hooked."

They have pieces of their collaborative wood and PC work in Gallery M, the Albuquerque Museum Gallery and Tapestry.  Of her collaborative work with Douglas currently being shown in the galleries she wrote, "Due to so many peoples hard work, PC is becoming an accepted and featured medium in places that shunned it not long ago."

Mesquite Wood Pot inlaid with Polymer Clay