Monday, April 29, 2013

Orange Tabby Ginger Marmalade Tangerine Cat with Blue Morning Glory Collar Necklace

I just finished a new necklace featuring a light tangerine orange cat in a garden of blue Morning Glory flowers, leaves, buds and vines with ladybugs dancing on the leaves. As I was writing the listing and trying to figure out what color/breed to call the cat I started reading up on orange cats and the various names given to them. Who knew there were so many kinds and so many names for these gorgeous cats?

From what I've been able to figure out, it seems that the Orange Tabby cat can be any breed and has a coat that is considered reddish, yellowish or orangish. It's the tabby coat PATTERN of darker spots, blotches or stripes again light yellowish or orangish coat that causes them to be called Orange Tabby cats. They are most likely to be male, as there is average ratio of 80 males to 20 females. They are also known as Ginger cats or Marmalade cats, like the cat made famous in the Broadway show,  "Cats". Then there are also the sub-headings for the various specific patterns........but let's not go into that!

So, my cat isn't an Orange Tabby, Marmalade, OR a Ginger cat after all. Guess I'll just have to call her a rare Tangerine cat!

Edited: Sorry, she's currently sold out, but has lots of other friends available at MelodyODesigns at Etsy


  1. I love your rare Tangerine cat! A perfect addition to your beautiful necklace! So alive with spring colors and flowers and buds... Those ladybugs are so sweet.

  2. Yes, rare tangerine cats are a breed alone! :) Sooooo cute! I love all of it. Nice work as always.

  3. That cat reminds me of Booboo, she's adorable. Hope she finds a forever home. Beautiful Necklace.