Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The value of Listening to Customers (and the customized softball jewelry market)

Listening to Customers can sure be well worth the time and effort! Earlier this year I designed a collection of baseball jewelry and softball jewelry with the "hook" that they could be special ordered with most colors of beads on the beaded chain and a fake scribbled player's "signature" to make them unique.

As I mentioned in a previous post on the softball jewelry, it was originally a softball mom who saw my baseball necklace and asked me if I could make a softball necklace version (i.e., 25% larger with Dayglo yellow softballs) who was responsible for inspiring me to design the softball collection.
Recently a prospective customer contacted me looking for an "economy version" of the softball necklace, something that would be affordable for the tweens/teens on their teams. That's how the new softball pendant necklace version came about. Then a prospective customer got in touch with me wanting to know if the softball pendant necklace could have his daughter's name written on it instead of the fake brand name I had used on the bat. I said, "sure, GREAT IDEA, thanks!" The very next day another prospective customer from a different selling venue contacted me wanting to know if a team name could be written on the bat instead.
Light bulb moments! People seem to like customized items with names, especially when they are to be given as gifts........and I think particularly if a child/teen is involved. There appears to be a market and it's not that hard to do with my trusty Sakura MicroPerm pen. No brainer, so I edited the softball listings at my shops to reflect the customized personal name or team name option for the bat.

I'm so grateful for the creativity and imagination that my customers share with me. THANKS!
Softball bats under construction
Varnished Softball bats on drying rack
The items in the baseball and softball jewelry collections are all available for sale at MelodyODesigns at Etsy


  1. Fabulous! I love the new tween necklace, it's great! Good for you on the listening ability. :)

  2. These are sooo cute! And good for you! People love anything they can put a name on. I have another idea for you. ;) I've been thinking about making a baseball bat covered ink pen with a ball stand that it stands up in for my son-in-law, but have never gotten around to it.

  3. Awesome!! And what great gifts, stocking stuffers, team spirit gifts... The list of possibilities is endless!!! You're right, people love personalized keepsakes, they're meaningful and special, customized just for them. Wishing you much success with your baseball and softball jewelry collections!!!!

  4. That's really great, I hope you sell a million but then you won't be able to clean the house or do music any more. LOL