Wednesday, August 10, 2016

My Favorite Polymer Clay Tool: 1/4" acrylic rod for smoothing

This 1/4 (6.3mm) diameter acrylic roller is my favorite polymer clay tool. I use it all the time for adhering and smoothing applied cane slices and appliques, as well as for general all around smoothing of clay surfaces. I love it so much I dubbed it the "Magic Wand" for Carolyn Stearns when she used to sell them.

This cool little acrylic smoothing rod is so useful I feel quite sorry for any clayer who doesn't have one in their tool stash yet. After losing two of the PC suppliers who used to stock them, I asked Rob at Polymer Clay Express if he could offer them for sale. He agreed and is now stocking this Little Acrylic Rod Treasure. You can select the size from the drop down menu, as they also offer it in the 1/2" size.

After sharing the photos (above) of the "Magic Wand" being used to smooth a cherry and make the edges even on a Sedona Red Rock Disk Ornament I thought I'd also share photos of the finished products. Both the Faux Bakelite Reproduction Cherry Jewelry Collection and the Sedona Southwestern Red Rock Disk Ornament and Jewelry Collection are available at my MelodyODesigns shop at Etsy.

Faux Bakelite Reproduction Cherry Jewelry Collection
Sedona Southwestern Red Rock Ornament Collection

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