Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Crazy Kitty Necklace

Kitty's face was adapted from a polymer clay cane by PC artist Susan Turney. The body was made from Kato poly clay and is decorated with various tiny cane slices. The leaves are slices of Skinner Blend green to yellow bull's eye cane shaped in a various molds. All components are attached to a collar necklace base of of hand-sewn macramé cord.

EDITED April, 26, 2012 The kitty above is the first generation of kitty pendants and necklaces.
To see the TRANSFORMATON of the newer generations, please click below:
2nd generation Orange Cat
2.5 generation Black and White Cat
3rd generation Halloween Cat
3.5 generation Crazy Cat in Garden Necklace
4th generation Christmas Cats/Angel Cats


  1. It's adorable!!!!!! You made a goofy cane into a work of art!!!!!

  2. j'adore les chats et ce collier est une merveille!!! je sens que je vais visiter ton blog souvent car j'aime beaucoup tes créas en général !!! congratulations Mel!!!