Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Favorite Customers, longtime Cubs fans Bob and Diane and the Baseball Necklace

Favorite Customers, longtime Cubs fans Bob and daughter Diane wearing her Tribute to Baseball Necklace in 4th of July colors
Over the years I've been blessed with some very special customers. Legendary Cubs #1 and #2 Fans Bob and his lovely daughter Diane are two of my very favorites. I first "met" Diane when she sent me an email asking questions about my making a customized baseball necklace for her in Cub's 4th of July team colors with a specific "fake" autograph on the miniature bat that comes with the necklace. She went on to tell me a bit of the story behind her desire for the necklace. She said that her dad, who has recently celebrated his 80th birthday, had "brainwashed" her as toddler and they have shared a passion for major league baseball (specifically for the Cubs) for her entire lifetime. I think their story is so special I wanted to share it with my readers. I'm so honored that my necklace is a small part of their ongoing celebration together of the Cubs and of Life.
She wanted the "fake" signature on the bat to read "Phil Cavarretta", his favorite player growing up. She wrote,
"I was initially going to get Ron Santo’s name, but then remembered my dad telling a story about writing Phil Cavarretta’s name on his ball glove as a child and trying to convince his friends he had gotten his autograph.......but he had spelled Cavarretta's name wrong!"
Diane and husband Steve at a Cub's game. Diane says, "Steve, who is a saint, and very tolerant of me and my love for the Cubs."
Diane and her dad frequently watch the Cubs games together on TV. She attends many games in person and they have made plans to attend a game this fall together with his 80 year old lifelong buddy, Dale.

This fabulous life sized, wooden, painted replica of Bob as a Cub's fan was created and given to him as a gift by Bob's very good friend and talented colleague, art teacher Pete, on the occasion of Bob's retirement. Bob and his family call it "Bob Crow" and it was used for years in Bob's garden to scare away the birds. Now it's a treasured family heirloom. 

The photo below shows Diane and Cub's owner, Tom Ricketts, during a game. As she was leaving the game and was on the phone talking to her dad she saw Tom again and he didn’t miss a beat when she asked, “would you mind saying hi to my 80 year old dad” He reached for her phone (Cubs phone cover OF COURSE) : ) and said “sure, what is his name” and proceeded to talk to her Dad for over 5 minutes. What a guy! What a team! What super fans!

Diane and friend Carol in Wrigleyville after a cold April game.
(edited: Necklace no longer available) Our "handmade from scratch" Patriotic 4th of July colored baseball necklace is available with beads in most colors as well as matching spiral baseball earrings at MelodyODesigns


  1. That is such a great story. I'm a Cub's fan too because my grandma never missed a game. I worked with Ernie Banks for many years after he retired from the Cubs and went to work at one of the van lines I worked with. When he found out about grandma, he called her every week and they would talk. Her feet never touched the ground after that. Once a Cub fan always a Cub fan. Love that necklace.

  2. Bonnie, Thanks so much for sharing the wonderful and heart warming Ernie Banks/Grandma story! What a class act! I'm finding out that Cubs fans are some of the most enthusiastic and loyal fans anywhere............and the fan-friendly attitude of the players (both current and former) and management play a big part in the love affair. Go Cubs!

  3. Thank you for sharing Diane's great story! Your awesome necklace is such a special keepsake for Diane, of all the wonderful memories she and her dad have shared together throughout the years, enjoying the Cubs!

  4. It is great to see how something you created fits into Diane's passion. Great story!!!