Monday, July 7, 2014

MelodyODesigns' Faux Bakelite Cherry Jewelry Customer Appreciation Day Part 1

Elegant customer Kate in her lovely cherry ensemble with cherry jewelry from the from the faux vintage Bakelite inspired Red Cherry Jewelry Reproduction Collection at
  MelodyODesigns at Etsy. She is escorted by debonair Terry at Disneyland's "Dapper Day".
Over the years I've been blessed with some very special customers, especially the fans of my faux Bakelite cherry jewelry. I thought it would be fun to share a bit of their stories, because they are such interesting people and I've enjoyed getting to know them just a little bit on a personal level. The customers I'd like to feature today have two thing in common.....they love vintage fashion and they know how to make "the look" work. 

My initial contact with Kate came via an unexpected telephone call. I don't know how she tracked me down, but I had a wonderful long chat with her as she explained that she was creating a cherry fashion ensemble to wear to Disneyland for "Dapper Day" and inquired about customizations she wanted. I was fascinated as she explained that Dapper Day is a fashionable gathering held a couple of times a year at Disneyland that seeks to turn back the clock to a time where people would only be seen out in public in their finest most dapper attire. I love the look she created and think this is such a wonderful photo! Kate was so enthusiastic about my jewelry that she actually handed out some of my business cards when she was at Disneyland........................

...........but I was still surprised when I was contacted by Melanie of "Lorelei's Vintage" asking about my cherry jewelry and inquiring if I could customize a necklace for her (black chain vs my usual red or green chain.....I easily could). It seems that she had seen Kate in her cherry finery at Disneyland, asked her about it and gotten my business card. I absolutely love the serendipity of life (and delightful customers)! Lorelei's Vintage at Etsy is a unique shop specializing in Vintage and Vintage Inspired clothing and accessories for Women and Girls that evoke the Classic Glamour of Old Hollywood. Her designs are so feminine in an elegant and glamorous way with a 40's and 50's old Hollywood bombshell kind of flavor. 

Since Melanie is a big fan of both vintage and cherries she combined the two into a fabulous new 1950's style Shaheen-inspired Cherry Bomb Glamor Top that's for sale at her shop. She designed it specifically to coordinate with my cherry jewelry. It also comes in Black and White. (S-XL) and the price is $44. In honor of the cherry lovers who are reading my blog she is graciously offering 10% off in her shop through July 25, 2014. The offer code is CHERRYLOVER 

I'm also a fan of her Va Va Voom Bustier top paired with the  Lorelei Skirt from Lorelei's Vintage shown here with my MelodyODesigns' Cherry Necklace.

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  1. Neat! What a fun post to read, and the photos are great! I love all of the outfits shown and the whole story line is just totally fun. Thanks for sharing it with us and I will be looking forward to the next "chapter". :)

  2. That is such an awesome photo at Dapper Day! And I love how her creations go so well with your jewelry.